New blog goes live!

It has now been a month since my website got set up and it’s time for a few changes – most significantly the setting up of this new blog! So whilst the site has been under constant development this marks a significant update, giving me a place to connect better with you the visitor and to post new material without needing to add new pages and change the site navigation.

So how does this all work? Briefly, this is a WordPress blog so was all done in their brilliant free software. That means lots of .php coding automatically creating pages and managing the blog, alongside easy admin panels to control everything. Also, any visitors can post comments (and please do!) without an account or register for more use. However, I am not planning on making a Chinese mirror so will try to post in both English and Chinese at the same time.

My aim is for this to be a blog about my profession and experiences as an interpreter and translator – which will hopefully be useful for anyone interested in the field or looking to work with an interpreter. Even though I do this specifically for Chinese–English much of what I experience will be ¬†transferable to other languages.

In other news I have almost finished my dissertation and with that the end of my MA! After working so hard for so long it will be a relief to finally finish (especially now that I am working full time) but I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with all my free time afterwards… Anyone looking for a Chinese interpreter?!

Finally I want to say a big **Thank You** to my boyfriend Sam for making me this great website and now blog. I never thought I would have my own personal website or email or blog and now here they are all at once!

This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified)


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    Update: blog v.1.1

    We have managed to install the qTranslate plugin and have made the blog more effectively bilingual. There might still be a few bugs with this (at one point the whole blog was down!) but we’re working through this right now.

    If you have any issues or suggestions please contact and we’ll see what we can do.

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      Good work~
      every time, it got some new features~

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        Well, I shouldn’t claim credit on that. It’s all Sam’s hard work.

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        If you follow the links to ‘plugins’ and see anything that looks useful let us know and we’ll see if we can get it up!

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    Hey Eva, congratulations on the new blog site, it’s really well designed and many of your blogs are very interesting, well done!

    I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for you, with more and more business communications between China and Europe, there are just huge demands for Chinese related translation. ALso, those translation companey should also be looking for talented Chinese translator who could help with their business, haha.


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