Q. What is the difference between a translator and interpreter / translation and interpretation?

A. Translators and interpreters both work with languages, though in very different ways. Translators deal with the written word whilst interpreters work with the spoken word.

For example, if you have a business contract that needs to be written in another language, you will need a translator; whereas if you are holding a conference with speeches and presentations that need to be presented simultaneously in a second language, you will need an interpreter (and a very good one!). That’s the basic difference.


Additionally, some translators can only work in one direction – from one language (this is called the source language) into another language (the target language) due to fluency in only the target language. Conversely, interpreters typically need to be fluent in both working languages and be able to interpret in both directions e.g. back and forth between people communicating in either language.

There are different modes of interpreting such as simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, etc. Please refer to Services on my website for more info.


Q. How are translation / interpretation project costs estimated?

A. The first consideration is the type of work required – written or spoken (translation or interpretation), general or technical, direct or intermediary etc.


Translators usually offer translation rates per thousand words. Rates will vary based on the complexity of the source text (and formatting) requiring translation. For example, legal and medical documents requiring more technically knowledge and accuracy are more complex than general marketing materials – the rate would reflect this. For short texts with less than 1,000 words, translators typically have a minimum flat rate for translation.


Interpreters typically have hourly or daily rates for interpretation services. As with translators, the rate  will vary according to the type and complexity of the assignment, where interpreting for an international conference on renewable energy would be a lot more demanding than a sightseeing tour. Again, for shorter assignments such as meetings and calls there would typically be a minimum rate. Further factors may also involve travel time and travel expenses.


For advice and an estimate for your upcoming project please submit a quote request with as much detail as possible.

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Q. What type of translation / interpreting service do I need for my upcoming project?

A. The translation / interpreting solution you will need varies dependant on the type of work, timescales involved, audience size and materials to be used (in the meetings) etc.

For example, you may simply require an interpreter for the day of a meeting – or alternatively you may want the meeting documents translated in advance for your participants. If time is priority, you might also want to consider using simultaneous interpreting rather than consecutive interpreting – to save time without compromising accuracy and quality.


To see more information about the different types of interpreting and translation please visit the Services pages. Alternatively, get in touch with me directly and I will be able to recommend a solution based upon your situation.

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Q. Are you available for interpretation / translation immediately? When can you start a project?

A. Whilst availabilities vary dependant on current schedules, typically the larger your project the more notice would be required.

For translation work I can be available at relatively short notice or for urgent turnarounds, though an additional charge may apply for an expedited service when a fast turnaround for tight deadlines is required at late notice.

Q. Our project requires assistance slightly different from the services listed on this website, are you able to take on different work?

A. The services listed are representative of typical interpreting work environments – though I do have experience of working in more unique environments (racetracks, theatres, mines etc.) and am flexible to work with you to the needs of your project.

I would be happy to discuss the requirements of your project and suggest a suitable solution. The best way to reach me is directly by email, or by requesting a quote if you would like to attach additional documentation.

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Q. I will be needing an Interpreter / Translator for part of a longer term engagement, are you available for this type of work?

A. Many Clients require ongoing language services for larger/longer projects or international initiatives. I am available for contracting on such projects.

Q. Can you provide a team of Interpreters / Translators to work on a large project?

A. With over 10 years of experience working in the interpreting and translation industry I have a strong network of interpreting partners and translating colleagues across a range of language pairings. If you have a large project requiring a team of interpreters or translators I would be able to help you source and fulfil the roles with experienced professionals as needed.

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Q. Are you available to work at locations outside London / the UK?

A. I am based in London (UK) I have always travelled throughout Europe and internationally for work (you just need to leave me time to arrange transport / travel).

Small charges for travel days may apply in certain cases. Please get in touch with me to discuss your international project.

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Q. Can you sign a non-disclosure?

A. All work I undertake is done so with professional confidence and I am happy to comply with any legal non-disclosure agreements as required. To further discuss your requirements please send me an email or fill in a quote request form.

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