Beckham’s New Tattoo

David Beckham revealed his new tattoo when he was visiting Beijing University. The new ink says “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.” Despite it being a bit passive and fatalistic, does anyone else think the calligraphy work of it is rather average? At least the original phrase is Chinese, so he didn’t risk getting some wrong translation stamped on him.

The more amusing part is probably when the picture is photo-shopped into famous Chinese slogans.

This one says “To get fake ID or certificates done, call 136…..” Those kind of illegal advertisement you see everywhere in backstreets in China.

This one is the ultimate icon put on buildings that’ll be destroyed by the government to make room for new apartment buildings. This character “destroy” in a circle became the witness of numerous forced demolitions.

Popular slogan for the one-child policy. It says having a son or a daughter doesn’t make a difference.

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